FBP Son of a Poo!

D.O.B.:August 1, 2022
Size:still maturing 
Health Testing:OFA
AKC Titles:CH
UKC Titles:
Sire:CH FBP Floyd B. Poodle
Dam:Brienwoods Mother of Dragons
Litters:Estimated 2024

Strengths:  head, eyes, neck, chest, carriage, shoulder layback, topline, tail set, tail carriage, coat, movement 

Martin was bred by, and is co-owned with, Stepheni Lazar/Floyd B. Poodle. He is a gorgeous blue like our own Porsche. Martin has such an outstanding temperament and gorgeous structure! Stepheni took him into the ring for Novice Puppy one day in Ann Arbor when I was there with 3 of my poodles. He was such a pleasure to meet and I enjoyed our time together. That was his only time in the ring before heading off to the handler, Chelsay Paul Grubb.

Martin embarked on his AKC career the first weekend in July. He is a complete natural and has that desirable, flashy ‘presence’ in the ring. Chelsay does an absolutely phenomenal job presenting him. At the very first AKC show, he took Winners Dog for 2 points. At his second show, he earned a 4-point Major! And then at his third show, I was lucky enough to be able to watch him WOW the judge who recognized him with a Best of Breed over specials for a 5-point Major!!! Martin earned his AKC championship in just TWO weekends! In the next two shows he went Select both times for 1 point each toward his Grand Championship.

I am so excited to be a part of his life and career! 

Martin 5-point Major and Best of Breed
Martin 4-point Major
Martin 2 points

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