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Canine Genetic Diversity – OI: 0.18, AGR: 0.03, IR: -0.06


Romeo and his litter mates are the result of many months of planning and a wonderful partnership with my first mentor, a retired breeder with 30+ years of experience breeding and showing. Our Giselle (Gigi) is the dam, and the litter of black puppies was born and raised in our home at Forest Lakes. Romeo was one of two ‘keeper’ pups, although the entire litter was exceptional! Romeo, his littermate Porsche, and I attended Obedience I and handling classes (for conformation) during their first year. Romeo and I also attended Obedience II, and at the conclusion of the second obedience class he earned his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title.

Romeo and I started showing in conformation in December 2019 when he was 14 months; we earned his champion title in that first month and grand champion title by 16 months. We intended for him to go to my mentor’s AKC handler in March 2021, but COVID-19 changed those plans.

Romeo finished 2020 as UKC’s #6 standard poodle and was invited to UKC Premier Nationals to compete in the Top Ten Invitational. At the Poodle Specialty hosted by UKC and the United Poodle Association he won Grand Champion, Best of Breed, and Reserve Best in Specialty Show.

He has earned 47 Best of Breed (BOB) awards, 3 Best in Show (BIS), and 6 Reserve Best in Show (RBIS/RBISS) awards which earned him a UKC Emerald and then Ruby Gemstone Grand Champion titles. Romeo stood as the #1 Standard Poodle in the nation for almost half of 2021, but relinquished his spot to Rhett’s breeder and co-owner Wendy for her lovely brown girl. He finished 2021 as UKC’s #2 Standard poodle.

In March 2022, Romeo embarked on his AKC career with a spectacular debut, winning Best of Winners over 6 other dogs both days, as well as Best of Opposite over a special! Romeo finished his championship in April 2022 at his third show with a 4-point major!

We are honored that Romeo attended Poodle Club of America’s National Specialty in April 2022, where he was awarded 2nd place in the American Bred class. The photographers captured some spectacular images!

Romeo loves his people, and his ladies, and he seriously loves to cuddle. He is quite a clown at times and you would be surprised such a showy dog can also be a total goofball. Watching him on his back, rubbing all over the couch or bed, and snorting/honking his pleasure will make anyone laugh out loud! He loves toys and playing fetch – oh, how he loves the chase which is why he is so successful in precision coursing and FastCAT. 

D.O.B. 10/16/2018 

Strengths:  carriage, squareness, chin/underjaw, eyes, head, neck, chest, rib spring, shoulder layback, topline, feet, tail set, rear angulation, coat, movement-reach and drive


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