Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) health records – pending

Canine Genetic Diversity – pending

Phoenix – 7 time BPIS/RBPIS Forest Lakes Forged in Fire


Introducing Phoenix, a thrilling addition to our breeding program from the Feia x Blaze litter born in March 2023. She proudly represents the THIRD generation of our bred-by keepers, embodying the legacy of excellence we strive to uphold. 

Phoenix made her debut in the show ring at just 15 weeks old. While she initially had some reservations, by the end of her first show, she was confidently showcasing her potential. Her remarkable journey began with a resounding achievement – a Best Puppy in Show award under the discerning eye of Judge Brenda Landers. The accolades didn’t stop there; a week later, she secured two more Best Puppy in Show awards, this time under the watchful gaze of Judges Lori Sargent and Nikki Swap. These victories were particularly gratifying, given the high caliber of competition, with lineups featuring 5-8 puppies each time. 

As Phoenix continued her show career, she consistently garnered Best or Reserve Best in Show awards, regardless of who was at the other end of her lead. Her presence in the ring is nothing short of captivating, commanding the judge’s attention each time. Her spirited personality and entertaining antics never fail to leave a lasting impression.

At just 12 weeks old, Phoenix embarked on a dock diving adventure alongside four of our other poodles. Much to our delight, she fearlessly took to the water, proving to be a natural swimmer. Her joyful spirit shines through as she fearlessly dives into the pool, displaying an eagerness to repeat the experience over and over. Between jumps, she adds a hilariously sassy touch to the proceedings. It’s clear that Phoenix has inherited her mother’s remarkable performance drive and abilities, setting the stage for exciting times ahead. In our household, she already rules the roost, and we anticipate many more joyful moments with this dynamic and spirited poodle.  


Phoenix is clear for all identified genetic diseases found in the breed as well as over 200 other genetic diseases. We look forward to completing her final health testing when she reaches 2 years of age. 



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