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Canine Genetic Diversity – OI: 0.18, AGR: -0.01, IR: 0.12

Porsche – UCH Canen Gossamer Starlight of Forest Lakes TKN ACTJ1

Porsche is Romeo’s “luxury cars” littermate, and his female twin in structure. She joined us for obedience and many handling classes before being placed in a co-own conformation and performance home at 11 months. We also enjoyed having her come home for 3 weeks in February 2020 and showing her in Rockford, MI! She is kind and compassionate and is very sensitive to human emotions.

Porsche showed very well early in her career, earning her championship around the same time as Romeo, but then suffered some setbacks as reported by her co-owner. The animal behaviorist we consulted believes going from our home where our dogs are free in the house and have 20 acres to roam to a much more constricted life style was detrimental to her temperament. Who could have known that was a possibility?

We are here for the life of our poodles so we retrieved her from the co-own situation and will be working closely with her and our trainers. We hope to return her to a show and performance career. However, if that is not the best thing for her, she will be retired to a life of leisure with our family.

Strengths:  squareness, eyes, head, neck, chest, rib spring, shoulder layback, topline, feet, tail set, rear angulation




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