Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) health records

Daphne – UKC Grand Champion Beatrice’s Diamond (of Forest Lakes)


Allow us to introduce Daphne, a poodle of exceptional pedigree hailing from the Czech Republic, where her parents have earned their place as top performers. Daphne’s lineage boasts a rich tapestry of champions, with renowned kennel names like Lakeridge, Dawin, Penndragon, Samarcanda, and Kaylen gracing her pedigree. Remarkably, in her five-generation lineage, an astounding 28 out of 30 dogs proudly carry champion titles.

Daphne embarked on her journey in the show ring as a novice puppy, and with her illustrious bloodlines, our expectations were nothing short of spectacular. Currently residing with our trusted co-owner at Meeker’s Ridge Standard Poodles, Daphne had a blast this summer, traveling and showcasing her talents alongside me and a junior handler.  

Her joy and enthusiasm in the ring are truly infectious. In a mid-May 2023 show, she garnered 25 points and clinched a competitive win toward her champion title, an achievement that had been set in motion at Premier 2022. Over the course of the weekend, she secured 2 Best of Breeds, a Group 1, and a Group 3, ultimately earning her well-deserved Championship title. Judges couldn’t help but praise her graceful movement, foreseeing a formidable future once she matured and no longer displayed her excitement with the occasional bunny hop.

Daphne has consistently lived up to these expectations, with multiple Best of Breed wins and Group placements. She proudly attained her Grand Championship early in August 2023, marking yet another remarkable milestone in her journey.

And finally, I am thrilled to announce that Daphne has successfully passed all of her rigorous health testing, marking a significant milestone in her journey within our breeding program. Her comprehensive health evaluations included DNA testing for genetic diseases, OFA cardiac examination, OFA eye assessment, and OFA hip evaluation, which earned her an “excellent” score. She has also been tested for Canine Genetic Diversity so we may match her with sires that will improve upon the gene pool. Daphne’s outstanding results not only reflect her exceptional physical health but also demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest breeding standards. With her exceptional health profile, Daphne has earned her rightful place as an integral member of our breeding program, contributing to our mission of producing healthy and well-balanced standard poodles. We look forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly make on our program and the breed as a whole.

D.O.B. 6/18/2021

Strengths: head, underjaw, carriage, neck, chest, topline, front and rear angulation, tail carriage


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