SPFL Puppies


We do things a little differently at SPFL; we welcome you into our home using technology for the entire birthing-rearing process. And we are happy to answer every single one of your questions. 

All SPFL moms and dads have passed OFA exams for  hips/eyes/cardiac, received their CHIC certification, and are fully up to date on their health testing  (including annual eyes and cardiac renewal). We complete DNA testing for every identified Standard Poodle genetic disease plus ~200 other genetic diseases. You can click the links on each dog’s individual page to view their results and testing dates on OFA.

All SPFL parents have been proven in conformation – to demonstrate that they meet the breed standard. With a structurally solid foundation, poodles can do almost anything! All SPFL parents are also proven in other activities such as performance sports to demonstrate their versatility. We follow AKC’s recommendations to build performance lines on proper conformation and breed type lines.   

Contracted buyers get nearly 24/7 access to their puppies and can even watch the birth (if they want to). You will be able to see the conditions in which your puppies are raised nearly EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. You will be able to observe the Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols LIVE in action! You will become part of our household for the duration 🙂

Each litter gets its own PRIVATE Facebook group where I share tons of photos and information, do Live events – and all members can ask questions in a safe and protected environment. Each litter family becomes very close knit through this group, sharing their photos, experiences, training tips and best practices and they typically remain active for the life of their SPFL pup. 

In their go-home pack filled with supplies and toys, families are provided with a detailed record book and copies of all vet bills: tail docking and dew claws, 6 week immunizations, and 10 week immunizations plus any incidentals. The book will also include your pup’s pedigree, AKC registration information, microchip information and so much more! And our team of breeders, professional trainers and handlers support you for the life of your SPFL poodle!

Read the customer testimonials on our blog!!!!

If interested in a healthy, socialized and well-started puppy from Standard Poodles of Forest Lakes, please complete our application


Our prospective/planned litters:

  • Spring 2023 – Feia and Blaze 
  • Spring/Summer 2023 – Katerina and Romeo
  • Spring/Summer 2023 – Piper and Rhett

Our process:

1. We review the application.

2. We follow up with questions based on the application responses, if necessary.

3. When approved, we send a draft of our contract for your review.

4. We happily answer questions about the contract. We are willing to discuss concerns and/or special circumstances.

5. If you wish to proceed, we will email you an actual contract with all available information.

6. You sign the contract and return it with your deposit.

7. We add you to the private Facebook group and grant PuppyCam access.

8. We copy the returned contract and send you a signed copy.

9. We announce when labor starts and progresses. We keep you informed throughout the whelping process.

10. We share photos, videos, and Facebook Live demonstrations in the private group. Many of our families interact throughout the puppy rearing; you can even ask questions while we are actively engaging with the puppies.

11. We will match families with puppies (after temperament testing) in consultation with those families, in order of deposit. 

Expect to become part of an extended family! 


Featured Pets


Adult – Female



Piper – Female


Katerina – Female


Quil – Female


Feia – Female


AKC Breeder of Merit: SPFL is honored to be a new AKC BOM!

   AKC Breeder of Merit: SPFL is honored to be a new AKC BOM!AKC Breeder of Merit Amanda and I are honored to be recognized by AKC. This is a goal we had in mind when we started on this journey. In addition to our kennel name being registered to us, for our sole...

Healthy Testing Info for Puppy Buyers

   Healthy Testing Info for Puppy BuyersPUPPY BUYERS: Arm yourself with knowledge! Prior to seven years ago, we were in the same place as you might find yourself. As puppy buyers we often simply don’t know what we don’t know. So as not to be misled, most of us...

Performance dogs require proper breed structure (conformation)

Read more by clicking on the image.... https://susangarrettdogagility.com/2009/10/helen-king-on-structure-evaluation/  

Ellie May: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report

   Ellie May: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report​ Ellie May This little dynamo has already been swimming, has been practicing stacking, and all kinds of other activities! And she shows very promising movement! From her mom and dad: Ellie May came into our life with a...

Gemini: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report

   Gemini: Piper x Deacon Puppy ReportGemini Gemini will be trained as a service dog. Her mom flew from New England to get her and she traveled without incident to her new home! From her mom over the last week:  We survived the flight! Not a peep. We spent a lot...

Gracie: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report

   Gracie: Piper x Deacon Puppy ReportGracie Gracie was the pup I needed to NOT fall in love with! She was just so sweet and cuddly, and made amazing eye contact, it was very hard but I made sure to give her the same level of attention as the rest of the litter....

Bailey: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report

   Bailey: Piper x Deacon Puppy ReportBailey Bailey will be trained to be a service dog. He was a perfect mix of drive and energy needed for his future tasks. His mom was so very excited for him to come home. I cannot wait to see how he matures and grows with his...

LeeRoy: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report

   LeeRoy: Piper x Deacon Puppy ReportLeeRoy LeeRoy’s mom took home an SPFL puppy from us 2 years ago. It was time to add a new family member and although they wanted another female, I knew this little boy was the right choice for them. I am so pleased with Puppy...

Arlo: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report

   Arlo: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report​ Arlo: Arlo will be training to be a service dog. His mom is also interested in showing, and we are so excited! We have been talking about show collars and leads, coat saver collars, stacking, and so on. She has experienced...

Isabel: Piper x Deacon Puppy Report

   Isabel: Piper x Deacon Puppy ReportIsabel: Hi Michele: I hope you are settling into a quieter routine and not missing the little monsters too much. I thought I’d send you some snapshots of Miss Isabel as she settles in here. She is a delightful and...