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Continuing Education

Continuing Education is very important to Standard Poodles of Forest Lakes. I have taken every opportunity to learn from highly regarded resources in addition to the very important knowledge base provided by my mentors who have over 100 years of combined experience! I have a growing library of books, videos, published research papers and workbooks and I have completed many courses over the last 6-7 years. Amanda is also getting started in her continuing education, although working 10-12 hour days in veterinary surgery and helping me show dogs on the weekends keeps her very busy.

AKC College Transcript

AKC Poodle Breed Course

AKC Breeding Basics

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Pedigree

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Selection

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Breeding Systems

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Genetics Part 1

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Genetics Part 2

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Genetic Defects and Health

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Anatomy Part 1

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Anatomy Part 2

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Kennel Blindness

AKC Whelping & Medical Intervention

AKC Nutritional Influences on Reproduction

Neonatal Care – Starting and Staying Healthy

ABC’s of Canine Anatomy Breeder’s Exam

ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Genetics Part 1 Exam

AKC Whelping and Medical Intervention Exam

AKC Nutritional Influences on Reproduction Exam

Canine Breeder Excellence Seminars

Pearls and Pitfalls of Progesterone Testing

Canine Brucellosis

How Studly is Your Stud?

C-Sections to Maximize Your Breeding Program

Canine Pregnancy Diagnosis and C-Section Staging

Best Practices for Timing Canine Chilled or Frozen Breedings

Canine Neonatal Resuscitation and Coefficient of Inbreeding – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Confident Puppy Program

Institute of Canine Biology Transcript

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) Bootcamp

Basic Population Genetics for Dog Breeders

BetterBred Transcript

Introduction to Genetics with BetterBred

Breeding for Conservation

Puppy Culture Transcript

Puppy Culture – The First Twelve Weeks (video series and workbook)

Killer Free Stacks

Stack and Deliver

Winning in Motion


Avidog University Transcript

Your Litter A 2 Z

Baby Noses: Introducing Scents to Neonate Puppies


Good Dog Courses / Good Breeder Webinar Transcript


The First Week of Neonatal Care

The Second Week of Neonatal Care

The Third Week of Neonatal Care

Genetics of Coat Color & Traits

Immunology Basics

Vaccine Preventable Infections

The Stages of Labor

Ocular Diseases: PRA, PLL and Juvenile Cataracts

Fear Free Vet Visits

The Human-Dog Bond

Genetic Health Testing 101

Tick Borne Diseases


Puppy Health Insurance

Fear Free Movement

Neonate Puppy Care

Breeding Foundations – Introduction to Transformational Dog Breeding

Savvy Socialization

Puppy Training Program


Victoria Stillwell Academy Transcript

Starter Course: Being a Good Pet Neighbor

Starter Course: Building Your Dog’s Confidence

Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior

Dog Trainer Course

Leading Edge Show Dog Transcript

Poodle University

     Introduction to Puppy Grooming

     The Perfect Poodle Clipping Course

     The Scandinavian/Second Puppy Trim

     Poodle Shaving Basics

     Scissoring Techniques for Success

     The Ultimate Guide to Poodle Topknots

     Getting Started with Your Show Dog

     Beginner Handling, a Poodle Handling Pre-requisite

     Poodle Handling

     Poodle Prep

     Poodle Puppy Trim

     The Continental Trim

     Poodle Perks

Reputable Breeding Series – Part 1:  Reputable Breeding Basics

Reputable Breeding Series – Part 2:  Planning for and Whelping Litters

Reputable Breeding Series – Part 3:  Raising Puppies and Beyond

Reputable Breeding Series – Part 4:  Socializing and Evaluating Puppies

Beginner Handling

Intermediate Handling

Advanced Handling

How to “SHOW” vs Handle Your Dog

Monique De Roeck’s Detection Dog Training Academy Transcript

Hands-on Detection Dog Training Workshop

Art of Scent Work Coaching Program



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