Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) health records

Canine Genetic Diversity – OI: 0.17, AGR: 0.01, IR: -0.02

Deacon – CH RACEN Meeker’s Dark Knight of Forest Lakes CGC TKN

Deacon is a second generation Forest Lakes poodle. Deacon, Quil and Feia are littermates out of Penelope and Romeo. He lives with his co-owner just a few miles from us at Meeker’s Ridge Standard Poodles (MRSP). You may notice a few other poodles from SPFL that can be found at MRSP.  Kasey from @MRSPoodles is a trusted friend and show partner and an ethical co-owner and preservation breeder.

Deacon attended Puppy Obedience I and II and successfully earned both the Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Novice titles before he was a year old! He debuted in UKC conformation in December of 2020 and earned his championship in May of 2021, and his first Precision Coursing title in early fall 2021. He is currently working toward his Grand Champion and Rally Obedience Novice titles. One of the judges at the May 2021 show told us that Deacon and Feia were the male and female version of the same dog! We had to share that they were littermates – how cool is that?

Deacon passed all DNA health testing, OFA eyes and OFA cardiac. Deacon passed PennHip in June 2022 to receive his CHIC#. Down the road, we expect he will be an excellent match for Katerina and Daphne.

D.O.B. 6/14/2020

Strengths:  squareness, carriage, head, neck, chest, shoulder layback, topline, feet, rear angulation, tail set and coat




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