Asha Over the Moon (@ Forest Lakes)

D.O.B.:April 6, 2022
Size: 22 in 32 lbs
Health Testing:OFA
Sire:RUS/RKF/UA/UK CH JCH Am CH Amore Bello Jazz Mann
Dam:Asha High Mesa by St. Etienne’s
Litters:Estimated 2025

Strengths:  squareness, feet, eyes, head, topline, chest, tail set, movement, showy personality

Meet Callista, a delightful ball of puppy energy who has always been a lively charmer! Her zest for life knows no bounds, and she absolutely revels in showcasing her spirited personality. Calli is not just a homebody; she’s also an avid traveler who loves accompanying me on adventures. But where she truly shines is in the show ring, where her enthusiasm has been evident from day one.  

Callista is not just about looks; she’s a bundle of affection with a medium-high drive and a knack for the comically dramatic when confronted with surprises. We’re currently having a blast exploring coursing and dock diving in 2023, and her antics keep us thoroughly entertained. 

In an astonishing display of focus and talent, Calli clinched her Champion Title in a mere three days of showing when she was just 7 months old! Her Grand Champion title followed at the tender age of 15 months. Her journey into Precision Coursing was not without its quirks, as she earned her first title with a touch of humor. Callista had the audience in stitches as she bunny-hopped randomly instead of chasing the lure, and the more they cheered, the more unpredictable she became. With this spicy and spirited girl, we can hardly wait to see what exciting adventures lie ahead!

Callista is clear by DNA of over 225 genetic diseases. We will proceed with her OFA testing as she reaches maturity.



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