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Porsche – UKC GRCH Canen Gossamer Starlight of Forest Lakes BCAT DASH CGCA TKI ACTJ1 VCX

Porsche is Romeo’s “luxury cars” littermate, and his female twin in structure. She joined us for obedience and many handling classes with long-time poodle breeders and judges. She is kind and compassionate, is very sensitive to human emotions and is very people focused. She loves to sit with whomever is relaxing, or join me in activities indoors or outdoors, including running errands!

The trainer who evaluated the temperament of the luxury car litter wrote in her results that Porsche was “very bold but kindhearted, loves people (and is) adventuresome”. That same trainer later guided us through Puppy Obedience class and complimented us on how well socialized and balanced she was. She stated that Porsche was very bold and inquisitive, enjoyed being touched by the other 7 puppy parents in class, showed no fear at all and took everything in stride –  even on the rambunctious first day of class. I always choose the sassy, independent ones!

At 4 years old, Porsche selectively takes her time warming up to some  people. However, she often surprises us by befriending people at shows and club meetings without any qualms or hesitation – I think she just might be a good judge of character. Porsche especially loves being reunited with my mentor and her papa’s owner who we spent a lot of time with when she was a puppy. 

She gets along with all of our other dogs and has been helping me keep the rambunctious youngsters in line. She and Katie love to groom each other, while she and Piper love to chase each other around the yard. She has fun chasing the boys around as well, but comes back to me if their play gets too energetic. She can jump any barrier to be at my side, yet will not leave the yard without me. 

At conformation classes, an AKC judge told me I had prepared her well for a handler. And Porsche did show very well early in her career, earning her championship around the same time as Romeo, while living with a co-owner, but then took a long break from showing and training.

Sadly she only earned that one title with her co-owner in 18 months, before I had to take action in May 2021 due to multiple breaches of contract. The co-owner refused to return her to me, though she had paid nothing for her. In order to do right by my girl, I had to endure the stress and expense of filing a lawsuit, then survive losing a child during court proceedings (although I turned everything over to the attorneys in my grief). After the lawsuit was filed, the co-owner added an AKC Trick Novice title and an Agility Coursing Test title (video submission/no competition). Porsche was returned to me in July 2022. Unfortunately, the co-owner shaved her show coat off the day she returned her to me, so we had to wait a few months to enter her in conformation shows and work toward her Grand Championship. 

However just a month after coming back home, in August 2022, she started her performance career, successfully running in FastCAT. Then she was able to return to her show career October 2022 where we earned her Grand Championship on her 4th birthday 10/16/2022 with 3 fabulous grand leg wins our first weekend out! Going forward we plan to focus on, and enjoy, a variety of performance sports.

Porsche is especially thrilled to participate in FastCAT! You should see the joy that this girl exhibits at the end of a run!  No one can resist: you simply cannot help but smile at her exuberance! We earned her BCAT title in 2 weekends in the fall of 2022, and her DASH title in one weekend of summer 2023! 

May 2023 update: I am very happy to share that Porsche earned her Canine Good Citizen and Advanced Canine Good Citizen titles as well as her Trick Dog Intermediate title!! The trainer was thrilled to see so much of that confident puppy she once tested shining through!! We have earned 7 AKC/UKC/VIP titles together in 11 months!!!

June 2023, Porsche adds a DASH title!

Oh, how I love my girl!

D.O.B. 10/18/2018     Height: 22 inches     Weight: 42 lbs

Strengths:  squareness, eyes, head, neck, chest, rib spring, shoulder layback, topline, feet, tail set, rear angulation, coat and extraordinary momma <3

Porsche loved being reunited with my mentor and her papa's owner!

Last October, we earned her Grand Championship, and then her first FastCAT title. In May 2023, Porsche and I earned our 3rd, 4th and 5th, then 6th and 7th titles together in April, May and June 2023.

This girl has so much potential! I can’t wait to see what else we can do!


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