Porsche received her Versatility Excellent official title certificate!

This title requires 15 points from multiple ‘areas’ that demonstrate a dog’s versatility. Porsche earned 5 points for her UKC Grand Championship, 1.5 points for her CGCA, 2 points for her TKI, 1 point for her BCAT, and 6 points for health testing. While the majority of health testing was done by her former co-owner (I did her DNA panel, genetic diversity test, eyes and cardiac annual update), the co-owner was compensated by our agreement that she would keep the puppy born in breach of contract – a win-win financial resolution.

There are two additional titles on the certificate – ACT1J and NTD which were earned with her former co-owner after I requested Porsche’s return, but they were not required for this VCX title.

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