Fabulous Free Breeder Training from Good Dog: Avidog A 2 Z Dog Breeding

Avidog: Your Litter A to Z

Avidog’s Your litter A to Z is provided to breeders who are registered with Good Dog. It consists of several modules. The first section is about getting your breeding dogs prepared to breed and laying out your plan. It includes The Basics – Before You Breed, Tracking Bitches’ Heat Cycles, Reproductive Veterinarians, Stud Dog Exams and Semen Evaluations, Care of Breeding Dogs, Pre-Breeding Fitness and Exercise, and Bringing Bitches into Season. It also includes She’s In Season Basics, Brucellosis, Caring for Your Bitch, Timing the Breeding, Semen Evaluations, and Breeding Your Bitch.


Section 2 of Avidog Your Litter A to Z is Pregnancy and Whelping. It includes Modules The First Trimester, The Second Trimester, Placing Your Puppies, The Third Trimester and Labor & Whelping.


Section 3 focuses on the first month of the puppies lives and includes The First 48 Hours, Your Litter’s First Week, Your Litter’s Second Week, Your Litter’s Third Week and Your Litter’s Fourth Week.

And Section 4 of Avidog Your Litter A to Z includes litter management through the second month. The modules are (no surprise on some of these) Your Litter’s Fifth Week, Your Litter’s Sixth Week, Your Litter’s Seventh Week, Sending Puppies Home, Your Litter’s Eight Week and After the Eighth Week.

At SPFL we choose to keep puppies to 10 weeks, per the Puppy Culture Protocol. It is a lot more work, time, expense and poop but we have seen how these two weeks and the additional Puppy Culture exercises give pups the absolute best start.

This next one consists of 10 Modules. I am very happy to have completed this course in addition to Puppy Culture! I carefully consider all perspectives and compare it to my own philosophy for ‘fit’. 

AND….there are opportunities for puppy buyers to get training too!!!

We had fun adding 12 (or 14) new titles in the last week and a half!

   We had fun adding 12 (or 14) new titles in the last week and a half!I am not sure if I can count Katie’s two Total Dog Awards so I will hold off on that. But we had an absolutely fabulous weekend at the BARKC show with great friends and all of our fabulous,...

100th Title Earned!

   100th Title Earned!We had an amazing weekend with our dogs earning Best of Breed all six shows!! Deacon earned 3 Grand legs with 2 Best of Breed awards, a Group 2 and a Group 4, as well as winning the champion class twice over 2 other champions.Daphne earned...

SPFL closes in on the 100th Title!

   SPFL closes in on the 100th Title!I am very excited to be so close to reaching this amazing milestone – and all in just 40 months!!! I think we will have to have a major celebration! This includes 58 AKC/UKC titles on dogs we bred and 41 on dogs we brought...

Dior Wins Best in Show at 18 mos

    Dior Wins Best in Show at 18 monthsStandard Poodles of Forest Lakes 10th BIS/RBIS!!!​ I couldn’t be more proud of my second generation Forest Lakes girl! Dior is a wonderful dog all-around. She is sweet and cuddly, smart and driven, and a complete joy to...

UPDATED: Questions to ask a Breeder

   UPDATED: Questions to ask a Breeder​ I updated the list of questions. While it is not breed-specific, I do make several references to poodles as examples.

Katerina Earns her American Championship!

   Katerina Earns her American Championship!Katerina earned her Champion Title with a fabulous Best of Winners award at the Key to the Sea show in the Toledo, OH area yesterday. We are so thankful to the inimitable Ann Rairigh, Julia Kinsey and team for their...

Incentives for Titles! Wow!

   Standard Poodles of Forest Lakes offers incentives for up to 3 titles!Title Incentives: We encourage our SPFL families to participate in any canine activities they are interested in! To date, from our 7 litters, our puppies and their owner/handlers have earned...

5 Point Major for Katerina!

   5 Point Major for Katerina!Katie is down in North Carolina with handler Ann Rairigh and her assistant, Julia Kinsey, with some stiff competition. On Wednesday and Thursday she placed 2nd and Reserve in each show. Today at the Poodle Specialty there were 29...

Feia is the Girl on Fire!

   ​Feia is the Girl on Fire!My girl on fire (Feia) is still collecting those wins and titles! Feia earned her Open Agility Title, which supercedes the Novice Agility Title she previously held. She also has her Novice Agility Jumper Title which was superceded by...

Katerina Wins Big in Atlanta!

   Katerina Wins Big in Atlanta!Katerina (Katie Kat) I could not be more proud of my beautiful little lady in white!  What a great way to start her AKC career! She took 1st or 2nd every show and earned a 3 Point Major and a 4 Point Major with amazing competition!...