Fabulous Free Breeder Training from Good Dog: Avidog A 2 Z Dog Breeding

Avidog: Your Litter A to Z

Avidog’s Your litter A to Z is provided to breeders who are registered with Good Dog. It consists of several modules. The first section is about getting your breeding dogs prepared to breed and laying out your plan. It includes The Basics – Before You Breed, Tracking Bitches’ Heat Cycles, Reproductive Veterinarians, Stud Dog Exams and Semen Evaluations, Care of Breeding Dogs, Pre-Breeding Fitness and Exercise, and Bringing Bitches into Season. It also includes She’s In Season Basics, Brucellosis, Caring for Your Bitch, Timing the Breeding, Semen Evaluations, and Breeding Your Bitch.


Section 2 of Avidog Your Litter A to Z is Pregnancy and Whelping. It includes Modules The First Trimester, The Second Trimester, Placing Your Puppies, The Third Trimester and Labor & Whelping.


Section 3 focuses on the first month of the puppies lives and includes The First 48 Hours, Your Litter’s First Week, Your Litter’s Second Week, Your Litter’s Third Week and Your Litter’s Fourth Week.

And Section 4 of Avidog Your Litter A to Z includes litter management through the second month. The modules are (no surprise on some of these) Your Litter’s Fifth Week, Your Litter’s Sixth Week, Your Litter’s Seventh Week, Sending Puppies Home, Your Litter’s Eight Week and After the Eighth Week.

At SPFL we choose to keep puppies to 10 weeks, per the Puppy Culture Protocol. It is a lot more work, time, expense and poop but we have seen how these two weeks and the additional Puppy Culture exercises give pups the absolute best start.

This next one consists of 10 Modules. I am very happy to have completed this course in addition to Puppy Culture! I carefully consider all perspectives and compare it to my own philosophy for ‘fit’. 

AND….there are opportunities for puppy buyers to get training too!!!

Katerina Wins Big in Atlanta!

Katerina (Katie Kat) I could not be more proud of my beautiful little lady in white! What a great way to start her AKC career! She took 1st or 2nd every show and earned a 3 Point Major and a 4 Point Major with amazing competition!

Successfully kicking off the new year at a Dog Show!

   Successfully kicking off the new year at a Dog Show!This weekend I brought Dior and Callista out to the K9 Fanciers show in Ann Arbor, MI. There were a LOT of dogs; including a lot of poodles and shelties at the show! In fact, there were around 200 dogs...

An Astounding 2022 Recap!

   An Astounding 2022 Recap!2022 RECAP First, I’d like to recognize all of our wonderful owner/handlers and their accomplishments in 2022. Bred-by our friend and partner at Meeker’s Ridge Standard Poodles: Bayou & Alex (U-GRCH Meeker’s Smoking Gun Silver...

Feia Earns Another Agility Title!

   Feia Earns Another Agility Title!Feia completed her Novice Agility title! She is so amazing with her love and drive for this sport! Feia is showing no signs of coming into her heat cycle at the moment so she will keep trialing. She has qualifying runs in...

Callista Earns Her Champion Title in 3 days of shows

   Callista Earns Her Champion Title in 3 Days of ShowsCallista came to us from Asha Poodles this past spring. We knew right away she was a special girl! She had fun in Novice Puppy, and this month in 3 days of shows she earned her Championship. She charms...

Press Release: Best Of Big Rapids Township 2022

   Press Release: Best Of Big Rapids Township 2022Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Standard Poodles of Forest Lakes Receives 2022 Best of Big Rapids Township Award Big Rapids Township Award Program Honors the Achievement BIG RAPIDS TOWNSHIP November 8, 2022 —...

Dior is officially a Champion!

   ​ Dior is officially our 9th bred-by Champion!This girl is such a sweet lover.  She reminds me so much of her grandmother.  She loves to patrol the property and is just as happy to lay down outside as inside in almost any weather.  Dior is the 9th champion...

Feia earns another Agility title!

   This girl is on Fire! Feia and her other-mother, Beth, are continuing to have such a BLAST in agility! She has several qualifying runs in different divisions and will likely be racking up the titles quickly in the next couple of months. At the last trial they...

Feia: Planned Litter for February 2023