Penelope x Romeo – Love comes full circle

I am blessed with such wonderful families for my beloved babies. I love that they stay in touch with me and each other. They are a supportive community and it warms my heart.

From a private Facebook litter group – Penelope x Romeo pups:

Michele, after a whole ❤️YEAR!❤️ of owning our wonderful puppies, we wanted to share just some of the ways we think you’re such an amazing Standard Poodle breeder! ❤️ We have also included some pictures and pupdates we thought you might enjoy of all the wonderful puppies we have been so fortunate to have from your fantastic breeding program ????❤️

SOME of the reasons we think you’re so amazing…

-Being just as excited for our accomplishments as we are
-Never being afraid to speak up for what’s right
-Finding everyone’s perfect match with their puppy!
-Always being transparent and honest
-Always being available!!!!!
-Always providing well researched information!
-Puppy Culture practices
-Two words: puppy cam! ????

Some owner quotes ❤️

“…knowing that I can trust Michele’s judgement, expertise, and her absolute passion for her dogs and craft, has given us the opportunity to add another piece to the puzzle of our hearts, and family, that we will forever cherish. There’s no way to put a price on what she’s been able to give all of us. ????”

“She matched us with a pup we were not even looking at and he is the perfect fit!”

“I have had to ask her questions still a year later!”

“We message almost daily”

Some fun pupdates:


Loves: Tennis balls ????, ALL food (especially sweet potatoes), waking his brothers up for school and waiting with them to get on the bus EVERY morning, running grandma and grandpas trails when we visit and getting all the snuggles ????

Dislikes: When his family leaves him, when his cat sister won’t play with him and when his brothers play army with toy guns


Likes: hunting, dog sports, frisbee, pretty much any food

Dislikes: anyone else getting attention


likes: early morning walks to hunt for rabbits, waking up Vincent for school, running/playing chase, any toy that squeaks, treat time, car rides anywhere, being with “his people”.

Dislikes: Being alone, not being included in hugs, ANYONE but mom touching his top knot, and the same kibble twice a day.


Likes: Food, learning new things, Donut holes, Playing with Quinn, watching the birds at the feeders, snuggles

Dislikes: Being told to stop barking.


Likes: giving hugs, running and jumping, following his people everywhere, any ball or toy he can destroy, any food he is given, but bananas and yogurt are faves.

Dislikes: being locked in the mudroom to dry, strange people on HIS sidewalk, holding still to be groomed.


Likes: kids, terrorizing his little sister, walks around the neighborhood, snuggles, all of his toys & Whimzee treats

Dislikes: people touching his tail, the janitor cart at school, large crowds, being surprised


Loves: playing fetch, squeaking new toys until they break, chasing rabbits in the yard, making new people and dog friends, playing with her siblings, and cuddle time. ❤️

Dislikes: when the rabbits get away, being told no, when mom’s arm gets tired from playing nonstop fetch.


Likes: agility, playing fetch, sniffing around the house searching for tiny morsels, every dog she meets, snow, beef tracheas and really any treat!

Dislikes: shadows/flashlights, car rides through busy cities, strangers approaching her



This was a phenomenal litter that produced amazingly versatile puppies who already have accumulated many titles of their own!

I couldn’t be more proud of these four-legged family members who love their people!

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