Standard Poodles of Forest Lakes offers incentives for up to 3 titles!

Title Incentives: We encourage our SPFL families to participate in any canine activities they are interested in! To date, from our 7 litters, our puppies and their owner/handlers have earned 77 titles and counting!!! We are pleased to announce that we will now offer incentives for earning champion titles to support those activities.


  • Championship in Conformation: $150
  • Championship in 1st Performance Sport: $150



  • Championship in Conformation: $50
  • Grand Championship in Conformation: $100
  • Championship in 1st Performance Sport: $100


  1. What is Conformation?
    1. Conformation is a way to demonstrate that a dog meets the breed standard published by the parent breed club. It is typically used for breeding stock to prove a dog’s qualities, and in European countries, it is even required for breeding licenses. However, Conformation competition can be a lot of fun and an easy entry point (AKC Fun Matches or UKC) for any handler/dog team, even if they are not planning to breed!
  2. Are you doing this just to grow your kennel name?
    1. While some titles our dogs’ progeny earn may generally benefit us, our purpose is to encourage more people to get involved. There are two main reasons. 1. Any training undergone to compete in dog activities can deepen the relationship between you and your dog – and that is a heartfelt goal we genuinely understand and support. 2. But also, Dog Fancy needs new participants, new perspectives that they bring, and new ideas for the future.
  3. Do you provide incentives for performance or companion sports titles?
    1. Examples: Obedience, Rally, Nose/Scent Work, Agility, Fast CAT, Precision Coursing
      1. Yes! We are happy to reimburse for companion sports titles that earn a championship, such as the AKC Master Agility Championship (MACH) or Dock Diving Champion (CH) Titles.
    2. Do you provide incentives for titles from other clubs?
      1. Examples: Barn Hunt Association (BHA), Dock Diving, Do More with Your Dog, etc.
        1. Some of these organizations partner with AKC, and some are simply ways to get involved with dog activities from home (similar to the companion titles in Question 5). Titles that can be recognized by AKC on the dog’s official title and registration are incentivized. For example, you may apply to have a title from BHA added to your dog’s AKC record and, when it is official, receive the incentive.
      2. Do you provide incentives for companion titles?
        1. Examples: AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, CGC Advanced, CGC Urban, Virtual Home Manners Puppy or Adult, Agility Coursing Test, Trick Dog, AKC Fit Dog
          1. We encourage every family to attend at least puppy classes and earn some companion titles to celebrate their successes. These titles represent your growing relationship with your puppy, and as owner/handlers you should be proud of these! We love to recognize these accomplishments on our social media pages. We value these titles, as they validate your efforts to provide life skills for your pup, but they cost little to attain and can even be done from home. We do not offer reimbursement on companion titles as they do not require much investment nor do they involve competition.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

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