​Embark offers new DNA Health Summary for Puppy Buyers

I am really pleased with this new addition to Embarks DNA health reports. Embark Veterinary was founded by scientists and canine geneticists in collaboration with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Their test is “research-grade genotyping technology” and “is based on the Illumina CanineHD microarray, which has been the leading research platform for dog genetics” (https://embarkvet.com/resources/blog/best-dog-dna-test/). According to Embark, “75% of dogs are at risk or a carrier for a genetic disease. Knowledge is key for proactive care“.

All SPFL parents are fully health tested, including DNA tests for all known diseases, and I often choose to complete DNA health testing on puppies as part of the process to choose a puppy to keep for our program. While I do not use Embark‘s breed ancestry or coefficient of inbreeding (COI) measures, I have been very happy with their DNA results for health, color, coat, and other traits.



At SPFL we are dedicated to helping educate puppy buyers (any breed) so that they can minimize the chances that their beloved furry family member develops diseases that can be avoided through health testing. We encourage you to learn more at embarkvet.com/resources and explore other DNA labs for more information.

Please reach out if you have questions! If we don’t have the answer, we probably know who to ask!

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