Crystal’s First Two Weeks with Jules

Crystal – Piper x Rhett Puppy – The First Two Weeks

Shared with permission from the private Facebook Group

Hi all!! Even though Michele doesn’t usually let her babes go so early, I have a trainer coming to my home and wanted to start at this age. They consulted together to assure my baby is getting proper care. I have her on quarantine at my home (I don’t have any other animals) she won’t be leaving my home or having visitors other than the trainer who knows to be clean before coming and I am being extra cautious. With all of that being said…let me tell you about my baby!! She ran right to me, and the connection was instant. I started crying  my husband melted when she got home  this little lady Juliette Hope (Jules) has changed my life in one day. She is everything I wanted and more. Absolutely perfect, so gentle, calm, and sweet. She follows me everywhere and will lay at my feet if I’m standing. My husband had her in his lap on the couch and she wouldn’t take her eyes off me. She accepted all his love until I sat down then she whined until she made it to my lap and then plopped down. We have had so many firsts and she has rolled with them all. We sat outside for quite a while today (she loves to be outside) played and had our first brushing, I have had my hands all over her and she loves it all. The trainer comes to the house tomorrow instead of Monday since we drove straight home yesterday. Y’all are going to melt and be in love with your pups. I’ve never seen an 8 week old pup be this attentive and alert to their surroundings. Everything we’ve watched and heard that Michele and the tribe have done definitely shows!!! She doesn’t nip or bite, everything she does is gentle. If she does open her mouth on you, it’s gentle. Mostly kisses . She is cautious yet confident about exploring the new house. I started to stop at the door and wait for her to sit before we go out and y’all she understood and learned after doing it twice!!! She’s already picked her spot to poo outside and goes to that spot each time. I can’t wait to see all of the homecomings in our group and hear how in love y’all are

Hey everyone  Trainer came today and was very, very impressed with Jules and Michele’s breeding program. He said he will definitely be recommending SPFL if he is ever asked. He kept saying “you got a good one” we learned some basics and went over potty training, absolutely positive training. Don’t even raise your voice at them in anger. He said they have no clue what they did, now you’re just showing them to fear you. Doesn’t change the behavior, if left unattended they would do it again, but this time they will have anxiety and fear when you walk in the door. We need to make sure and figure out how we failed and what we can do to prevent it in the first place. We learned that we want to be verbally communicating with her and not trained based on eye contact. If her back is to me and she’s running away, I can’t make eye contact. He’s coming back tomorrow for more. Tonight Jules is in a crate in my room.

(Watching a video of the pups still at Michele’s) Awwww so adorable  FYI…Jules perked up when she heard her 1st human Momma voice and started doing the head tilt. Such a wonderful imprint you’ve made  look at all those babies and how happy they are! You’re such a great dog Momma!

Today we introduced a squeaky piggy and I love watching her play with it! She learned ‘get the piggy’ instantly, and training is going well. Worked on having her in her bedroom in playpen with open crate last night. I have a camera set up. When she wouldn’t calm down trainer taught me some negative distraction techniques that won’t scare her but snaps her brain out of that mode. She would finally settle and woke up way more than when in bed with me. Every time she woke if she whines incessantly not just whimpers we would take her out to potty then right back in. I’m keeping a log so I can see the patterns. Sometimes she pottied, sometimes she didn’t. We practice having her in there a little throughout the day while I’m home doing things as well. Only getting her out when she’s not whining or crying. It hasn’t taken much for her to catch on. She’s a smart one, she quickly learned to smack her wobbly food bowl and that makes the food fly out so I add a smaller amount and refill for the correct amount. We’ve learned “let’s go” “good girl” “Jules” “come” “potty” “go outside play” “go outside potty” she excels at anything we do. I’m trying to make sure that smart brain stays stimulated. I can’t wait to hear about how her brothers and sisters excel in their new home

I’m so excited for all of you to unite with your babies!!! Jules has been doing phenomenal! My biggest hurdle is that she’s so smart she learns patterns quickly, which is good until it’s bedtime in the crate we did puppy culture crate training and within one day she was going in there by herself with her red barn chew. But now she refuses to pee when she recognizes my husband doing his nighttime routine. I have to treat lure her but only at bedtime, then bcuz she wouldn’t pee before. She’ll start the potty call. I take her out, she pees instantly. Come back in and she slowly walks to her room. At this point she refuses to go in by herself even with treats. She just lays down next to me BUT…she does sleep through the night still. Bedtime 9:30p and wake up at 5:30-6a And get you a food container with a locking lid again such a smart girl, but I was there and she didn’t get anything extra Hubs melts every time he sees her, she has him wrapped

I CAN’T wait to hear everyone else’s journey

Hi everyone! Let me tell you…she is still perfect but definitely keeps me on my toes. Idk how Michele does it with the whole crew. I just have one  she is settling in. She learned she could get up on the small bag and climb onto the big bag which happened to be level with the table with the treats on them but still too far away  she figured out the intermediate tornado in like a minute. She stopped playing with it here bcuz she needed to outside to potty. I wish I could get a video but I can stand with my back to her, say “let’s go” I don’t move and she comes running. As I’m typing this she just went to the door and scratched at it as I was opening it and went potty outside

Jules got her second set of shots and met her new vet today. She was the star of the office for sure Vet said she has great conformation and everything is perfect. She weighed in at 14.5lbs. She’s getting acclimated to a leash and collar as we sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather

We’ve figured out that when Mom waters her plants it’s fun to jump around and play in water spray. We’ve been working on being in her pen with open crate. Did some time trials while I was home and getting stuff done around the house. Last night was the first night she ventured into the crate all the way, I put my shirt in there she woke up a few times and moved around but then laid back down. No noise from 10:30p-5:30a. Then we went out to potty only pooped once in the house and that was my fault for not recognizing her sign, that was Monday and no accidents since. Getting a pup from a reputable breeder like Michele is sooo different it just blows my mind  we love to be outside and have heard and seen lots of new things. I have a city bus that goes by several times a day. We play for a while then sit I pet her all over and she chews on her red barn (her favs) and we just soak up the fresh air and nature. Her recall is absolutely unbelievable to me! I don’t move at all just say the words and she comes. No clapping, no bending down till she acknowledges the word. But she does every time. She knows her name, come, good girl, potty and when I say “let’s go” she comes to my left side and follows me. She has picked up on everything after one training session. Best thing ever was, I was in the shower and she peeked her head around the shower curtain  I see these little paws, nose and sweet eyes staring at me. She was trying to climb in  I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

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